NJSYO Bootcamp Picture

Summer Strings Boot Camp at the Middletown Arts Center

July 9-13, 2018

Come brush up on your string playing skills with this music boot camp open to students who play violin, viola, cello and bass! There will be two levels of this camp that will focus on string specific technique and approaches to orchestral playing for elementary and intermediate students. Students will be able to interact in small and large group settings and play through different genres of music to hone in on their individual musicianship and apply it to orchestral ensemble playing. This program will be led by Mrs. Chelsey Dokus, the Preparatory String Conductor for the NJSYO. Mrs. Dokus has her Bachelor of Music in Music Eduation from TCNJ and is the instrumental strings teacher for Marlboro Middle School and Marlboro Memorial Middle School. Experienced students from our Symphonic Youth Orchestra will be helping Mrs. Dokus with this program. Family and friends are invited to attend the final showcase on Friday, July 13.

Both camps will meet the week of July 9-13

Elementary Level will meet from 9:30-12:30 daily: Students in grades 3-5 are eligible and should have at least 6 months of playing experience on their instrument. The knowledge of how to read and play a one octave D major scale is recommended.

Intermediate Level will meet from 1:30-4:30 daily: Students in grades 6-8 are eligible and should have at least one year of experience playing on their instrument. The knowledge of how to read and play a one octave D, G and C major scale is recommended.
Camp Benefits:

  • Help enforce proper right and left arm technique through posture and bow hold
  • Introduce the basics of shifting at beginning and intermediate levels
  • Learn how to read complex rhythms, bowing variations, and time and key signatures within music
  • Increase independence and learn practice strategies to use at home through metronome and tuner use
  • Foster friendships and social skills with opportunities to work in teams
  • Provide an outline on bowing techniques relevant to beginner and intermediate string players
  • Approaches to use when sight-reading music
  • Tips to use to help improve intonation
  • Interactive activities and games that involve basic music theory, music vocabulary and string specific topics.
  • Feature age-appropriate material through multiple genres of music in duets, trios, and large ensembles
  • Provide invaluable performance opportunities