The New Jersey State Youth Orchestra is made up of three orchestras and an ensemble as listed below. Students are grouped by age and ability within the three orchestras, while the ensemble provides young musicians of various ages and advanced ability the opportunity to perform in a small group. During the summer season, various bootcamps are also offered for students to develop and refine their talent. For more information, please contact us.

NJSYO Preparatory String Orchestra

The Preparatory String Orchestra (PSO) is one of our most important and unique programs. It is designed to develop the skills required for string musicians to succeed in an orchestra, as well as expose them to the unique and wonderful repertoire available to string orchestras. Many of our best and brightest young musicians began their NJSYO career in the PSO. 

NJSYO Intermediate String Orchestra

The Intermediate String Orchestra (ISO) is is designed to expose string musicians to more challenging string orchestral repertoire and to hone skills in orchestral playing.

NJSYO Symphonic Youth Orchestra

The Symphonic Youth Orchestra (SYO) is open to string, woodwind, brass, and percussion players in the ninth grade and above. The SYO performs the full symphonic repertoire, and provides advanced orchestral experience for young musicians.

NJSYO Chamber Ensemble

The Chamber Ensemble gives advanced string students the unique experience of playing in a small group with more individual responsibility and more performance opportunities. Students learn to play together using cues and focused listening. Past Chamber Ensemble performances have included community outreach concerts, collaboration with Rockit of the Count Basie Theater, international competitions and performances in New York, and other unique opportunities. 

Woodwind & Brass Bootcamp

A week-long program for intermediate and advanced woodwind and brass students to develop technique and musicianship and to experience ensemble playing in a small group setting.

Summer Strings Bootcamp

A week-long program for intermediate string students to develop fundamentals, music literacy, and performance skills.