Please note that this program, as well as the CYO, is on hiatus during the 2021-2022 season.

Program Description and Requirements 2019-2020

The NJSYO Volti Subito Program provides an opportunity for advanced Concert Youth Orchestra (CYO) students to perform regularly with the Symphonic Youth Orchestra (SYO) and to play more challenging repertoire. The program is open to all CYO students by audition. There are no age or grade-level requirements; admission is strictly merit-based. Students accepted to the Volti Subito program will remain in the program for the remainder of their tenure with the CYO; once accepted there is no need to re-audition.

Students in the Volti Subito program will perform one piece per concert with the SYO in addition to their regular duties in the CYO. These students will join the SYO for rehearsal for approximately 20-30 minutes every other week, and will receive private or small group coaching as necessary.

Audition Dates
There will be three audition periods for admission to the Volti Subito program:
1) September 2019 through mid-October 2019 (for Fall 2019 semester admission)
2) January 2020 (for Spring 2020 semester admission)
3) June 2020 (for Fall 2020 semester admission)

Students should prepare the following for their audition:

I. All major and minor scales through 4 sharps/4 flats; a complete list is below:

Major scales: C, D, E-flat, E, F, G, A-flat, A, B-flat
Minor scales: C, C-sharp, D, E, F, F-sharp, G, A, B

II. A single solo piece or excerpt that demonstrate the student’s highest level of skill. Selections should be no more than 2-3 minutes long. Students are advised to consult their private teachers for help choosing appropriate repertoire. If possible please bring 2 photocopies of each piece for the audition committee to read from.

III. An excerpt from an SYO-level orchestral part; music will be provided by the NJSYO via e-mail one month prior to the scheduled audition date.

NB: It is suggested that students begin preparing for their audition AT LEAST 6 weeks in advance; do not wait until the week before to begin practicing.